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laramie gooseneck barn light exterior

Professional’s Corner | Q&A with Daniel Contelmo Architects

Most people have trouble finding room in the garage for two cars much less 12. When this car enthusiast’s collection in upstate New York kept growing, he tapped the same architect who built his home to create a unique space for his cars. The home was built in 2000 by Dan Contelmo Architects who wanted the new structure, crafted in a barn style, to complement the home but feel as though it could have been there even longer. Dan chose our Laramie Gooseneck to highlight both the interior and exterior.

laramie_gooseneck_barn_light_exterior-1024x788.jpgQ: What was your design direction for this space?
A: We wanted to provide a space that would generously house 12 cars. There is room for 18 cars, but the space is laid out to display fewer cars in a manner that accentuates each car individually.

Q: Why did you choose barn style gooseneck lighting?
A: The structure is a timber-framed barn held together with oak pegs. It is styled after an 1850s barn that would have changed use with the changing times. Although it is finely crafted, it’s nature is to be rustic. The light fixtures selected are the same blend of well-made yet old style lights.

Q: How did you find Barn Light Electric?laramie_gooseneck_barn_lighting_interior-998x1024.jpg
A: I searched for barn lights and found your website first. I searched for other companies but came back to Barn Light Electric because of the variety and quality of what I saw.

Q: When the project was completed and the cars were in place, what did you like best about your lighting choices?
A: I am pleased that the lights selected have the finished material on the underside of the fixture as well as the outside since they are very visible from that angle. The gooseneck shape was used for car repair shops in the early part of the last century, but these fixtures appear to be an older version as though they were originally gas lamps.

We are very proud of this project for it’s barn style and being crafted wtih the best materials available. This barn would have been a showpiece back in the day and is quite stunning by today’s standards as well. It takes a team of people to make a project a success. We had a great client, contractor, and vendors like Barn Light Electric who were extremely helpful.

Photos courtesy of Dan Contelmo Architects and Photographer Chris Kendall

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