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Outdoor Rated Gooseneck Lights Are Great For Summer Grilling

Summer, also known as “grilling season,” is so close you can almost taste it! When the sunny weekends arrive and you head out to your back porch to fire up the barbecue grill, will you have enough light to see what you’re cooking after the sun goes down? What about the other areas of your porch, deck or patio?

emblem-shade-gooseneck-lights.jpgWith outdoor rated gooseneck lights above your grill, you can prepare every sausage, steak and patty with a plenty of overhead light. In the photos featured today, white gooseneck lights resembling emblem shade gooseneck lights were installed over the grill and the sink area. This vibrant outdoor kitchen area was designed by interior designer Sandy Koepeke in Beverly Hills, California. With the shade positioned a few feet above the front edge of the grill, the light is focused directly on the food below and glare is totally eliminated from the cook’s face. This setup makes it easier for the cook to see the meat to determine which portions are ready to serve.

If you plan on staying outdoors to socialize with your guests, a gooseneck light over your porch entryway will create an inviting setting to simplify outdoor entertaining. Regardless of the style you chose for your back porch setting, gooseneck shades have a timeless look that will blend with any setting – even the Spanish style area shown today! Here, the goosenecks add to the warm arrangement that’s highlighted with Portola Paints and brightly colored fabrics. Koepke’s fun and relaxed design motto: “Combine the best ingredients in imaginative ways and create seamless transitions from indoors to out – making it feel all natural, timeless and effortless.”

Emblem shades are just one of several types of goosenecks available at Barn Light Electric. Angle shades and larger gooseneck lights are also available.

Photos Courtesy of Sandy Koepeke Design (

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