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Outdoor Lighting | Gary from Orlando, FL

outdoor_driveway1-682x1024.jpgOur featured customers today are happy to call Orlando, Florida their home. Surrounded by lakes and the nearby Universal Studios, there is plenty to keep the family entertained, but wait until you see their home.

The home has a modern yet craftsman style, but on a much larger scale than the originals. Stone columns that are topped off with our galvanized outdoor lighting, flank his driveway and light up the walk ways at night. When one of the homeowners, Gary, came to us looking for unique outdoor lights, the Large Column Mount CGU Exterior Light immediately struck us as the perfect fit. Clear, ribbed glass lets out the maximum amount of light so guests can clearly see where they’re going – as if you could really miss this beautiful house anyways!

garage-731x1024.jpgAfter you make your way up the cobblestone driveway, you’ve reached the main house. Covered in shaker shingles and a coordinating tin roof, this home was definitely built for the unpredictable central Florida weather. The driveway’s Column Mount Lights will hold up well during our crazy thunderstorms and hot sunshine, so Gary needed garage gooseneck lights that would do the same. Over the garage and near the side entrance notice our Barn Light Fanning Shade. The Fanning’s design is a favorite amongst customers that are striving to deliver that modern, yet charming arts and crafts/mission style. Complete with a flared shade, the Fanning Shade also has a unique cast guard and glass unit built into each one. Instead of the usual rounded guard that drops below the shade, the guard on the Fanning is cylindrical, and flat at the base. You can select your choice on the glass inserts too – try opal or cloud for a traditional look like Gary did, or something more bold like blue for an industrial factory feel.


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    I love this house! Can you direct me to the builder or architects so I can see more of it? The style is exactly what I have been looking for!
    Thanks in advance,


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    I’m with Emily. I love this style house! Would you be able to share the link to the architect/builder’s site with their information and hopefully also a layout as well? Many thanks!!

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    Brandon renner

    I love the style, colors and lighting on this house. I was wondering if you had more pictures of the entire front of the house or a link to some photos?

  4. d4793ccd320d3e5abde7d6897b0aa784?s=60&d=blank&r=g
    Susan Evans

    I would like the exact details of this light over the garage. When I click on the link it gives me another option than “Barn Light Fanning Shade” Can you please send me the exact details so I can order them? Thank you! I need the cage over the bulb and the bulb under the shade as you have it due to city light requirements.

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