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Finding Period Style Arts and Crafts Lighting

Arts and Crafts style homes are probably the most interesting pieces of architecture, inside and out. Characterized by natural finishes and simple design, these bungalows are sought after by those looking for a restoration project or just a piece of history. The Arts and Crafts movement began in the British Isles and made simplicity and quality the focus of the style. This was a big change from the other products produced at the time; Victorian designs were still all the rage and mass production of goods were in full swing, sometimes lessening the quality of the items.

The photos shown at the top are authentic drawings and photographs of true Arts and Crafts design from the 1920’s. This movement actually chugged on strongly through the 1930’s. We’ve chose a few simple lights to help you achieve the same look in your restoration bungalow or any home needing clean, sophisticated lines.

Seemingly inspired by the chandelier drawn in the dining room above is the Van Briggle Mission Chandelier. While our light hangs in the opposite direction, the Van Briggle will project its light upwards – flooding the ceiling with lighting while softly radiating through the glass panels below. This Arts and Crafts chandelier is also an American made light, so you know the quality is on the same level as the lamps of the past.

In the top left photograph (look deep into the back room), the pendant over the dining table resembles our very own Umbrella Pendant. Attached to three clean sets of wires, they connect to a single narrow stem and allow the vintage pendant to hang seamlessly from the ceiling. Can you tell how we got its name? It looks just like an upside down umbrella. Like the Arts and Crafts chandelier above, it too will project light upwards onto the ceiling and through the frosted shade below.

Top Photos from the Arts & Crafts Society

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