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One of the most popular blogs referenced on the Barn Light Electric Company


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    Best Outdoor Lanterns for Landscape & Back Porch Lighting | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] finish allows each piece to age gracefully and not rust.  As you can see in the photo below from Apartment Therapy, copper porch lights are not limited to larger, colonial homes, but can also be applied to smaller […]

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    Modern Pendant Lights Renew San Francisco Family Kitchen | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] seen in the photos from Apartment Therapy, this San Francisco couple added lights very similar to the Desert Pendant and the Wonder Pendant […]

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    Deep Bowl Vent Pendants in Southern Living Dream Kitchen | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] and small Deep Bowl Pendants have been featured on leading design blogs such as Remodelista and Apartment Therapy in […]

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    Barn Light to Enhance New Modern Home | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] $32,000. The incredible site of her finished product gained the attention of the New York Times and Apartment Therapy design blog. “We couldn’t believe this 250 square foot modern wonder had once been an […]

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    Barn Light Pendants Used On Extreme Makeover Home Edition | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] The hanging white light fixtures pictured in the bedroom photo above are very similar to Ivanhoe™ Sky Chief 16″ Warehouse Porcelain Pendant and the Industrial Twist Cord 16″ Warehouse Pendant from Barn Light Electric®. The Sky Chief starts at $169 and is made with a porcelain enamel finish. Each shade is available in numerous color choices and comes in multiple shade styles to compliment any area of your home or business. The Twist Cord Warehouse Pendant is available in a galvanized metal, black, white or dark green finish and is ideal for placing above kitchen islands or dining room tables. Both of these vintage barn lights are extremely popular with customers today with similar styles being featured on Remodelista and Apartment Therapy. […]

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    Barn Light Saddlebred Pendants for Kitchen Renovation | Barn Light Electric Blog

    […] a recent post on Apartment Therapy design blog, a homeowner in the midst of a big project sought some advice for their kitchen […]

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