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Outdoor Barn Lanterns Add A Nautical Touch Inside This Nantucket Cottage

The island of Nantucket is known for its historic antebellum houses and quaint seaside cottages. Many of the home’s interiors reflect the nautical lifestyle that defines the coastal community. “Cottage By the Sea,” discovered on Better Homes & Gardens online, showcased a Nantucket cottage with outdoor lanterns much like our very own Bridgewater Barn Lantern!

If the barn lantern didn’t catch your eye, the wall paper is likely to! According to Better Homes & Gardens, the key to the bathroom’s design was to balance the wall pattern without overpowering the small space. Filled with mollusks, crustaceans and other sea life, this bathroom is still unlike the rest. They even topped it off by re-purposing an old porthole window as a small mirror above the sink. With this outdoor lantern, selecting a Weathered Bronze finish will get you a similar look to that above. Combined with the off white beaded board and unique wallpaper, this vintage lantern completes a look that epitomizes the time worn look of a coastal New England home.

exterior pendant

Continuing the nautical lighting throughout the home’s interior, an exterior pendant was installed in the cottage’s stairway – don’t let their name fool you, outdoor pendants can be used indoors as well! Mirroring the appearance of our Portsmouthe Exterior Pendant, similar features include a large central globe surrounded by an oval wire guard. And just like the bathroom lantern above, a Weathered Bronze finish will give your coastal interior a similar look.

“The trick to not letting the theme overwhelm the whole house is to have fun in small spaces, such as bathrooms or hallways, but keep it subtle in common living areas. Light fixtures reminiscent of a bygone era give this newer house character. The reproduction cast-iron light in the foyer is similar to a boat lantern.” – Better Homes & Gardens

Photos Courtesy of Veronica Toney and Better Homes & Gardens

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  1. Coco in the Kitchen

    Love these lights. I’m working on setting our master bedroom up with a nautical feel, but I don’t want it to turn out tacky. Just subtle elements. Going to pick the Portsmouthe for the center ceiling, methinks!

  2. Betty

    Sounds like a great plan for a master bedroom! We have a large collection of rustic lighting that has roots in the nautical lights of old. You can see them all at this link — http://www.barnlightelectric.com/pendant-lighting/rustic-pendant-lights/. And the Portsmouth Pendant is part of our collection of Exterior Pendants found here — http://www.barnlightelectric.com/barn-light-outdoor-lighting/exterior-pendants/

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