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fargo barn wall sconce bathroom

Wall Sconce Lighting a Versatile Way to Add Light, Style to Your Space

The wall sconce has come a long way since the medieval days of glowing torches lining long, dark hallways in the castle. No other light is more versatile in helping create the proper mood in a room by offering a spot of light just where you need it.

Wall sconces are often a critical piece of the puzzle when interior designers layer light in a room. Achieving the proper balance among different types of lights helps create the mood  — too much light makes a room feel sterile while too little light makes a space less inviting and less safe to maneuver in.


And while some light fixtures serve specific needs and spaces, the utilitarian wall sconce resides quite happily at the intersection of form and function!


A wall sconce can serve as a complementary light in a large space where other fixtures, often some form of pendant, provide the main lighting. Sconces can brighten nooks and corners and highlight artwork or architectural features such as this mantle. Here our Bowie Wall Sconce provides a touch of  elegance to this fireplace. Hand spun from solid brass, this handsome wall sconce packs a lot of punch in a small 6″ or 8″ shade.


Wall sconces can also serve as the main light in smaller spaces such as powder rooms and in hallways. The Fargo Wall Sconce, shown above, is hung in pairs lending plenty of light and style to this bathroom vanity. The slender gooseneck arm brings the 5″ shade up and away from the decorative wall plate and the addition of the wire cage gives this fixture a hint of vintage styling. The Fargo can be customized with one of 19 durable powder coat finish colors to complement almost any décor.


Wall sconces can even serve as nothing more than a decorative accent. If you find a wall sconce that you love, find a spot, hang it, and enjoy. The Primary Schoolhouse Sconce is a delightful addition to this reading nook and even when turned off, is a classic accent piece.


With some wall sconce designs, you may find an unexpected bonus. These Streamline Industrial Guard Sconces illustrate the intriguing shadow play you get from a wall sconce with ribbed glass and a heavy duty cast guard. Artwork on the walls!

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