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Nautical Office Lighting | Gary from Orlando, FL

We’re continuing our grand tour of Gary’s Orlando, Florida home today. So far, we’ve shown you the front facade with galvanized Column Mount CGU lamps along the driveway and our Fanning Gooseneck Lights over the garage. Then you step inside and their entryway lighting is our very own industrial porcelain pendants. Yesterday you also may have seen the son’s rugged bedroom – complete with galvanized metal fans and a factory cart bed frame. So what’s next? Get ready for their home office.

In this gorgeous coastal craftsman home, our featured homeowner, Gary, chose to build his office facing outward toward the water. Have a look at that gorgeous view, can you blame him? This work area is undoubtedly where the home’s coastal architecture meets up with industrial décor. The ladder leading up to the second floor loft looks like it dates back to the Industrial Era, whereas the two mermaid sculptures could have been taken right off of an old pirate ship. The mermaids aren’t the only oceanic inspired pieces either; six of our satin nickel wall sconces mounted over the doorways bring in a new and unique take on office lighting.

While there are huge floor to ceiling windows throughout, having a home office means you’re sometimes working after dark. Similar to the center of the vintage ceiling fan perched above, the shades on each Manchester Wall Sconce have frosted lens clamped to the bottom – they also look just like a porthole when you think about it. Above on the loft, if you look closely you’ll notice two small industrial wall lights flanking the artwork – those are our Hamburg Wall Sconces, a favorite amongst customers that are also looking to combine designs from both industrial and nautical periods.

Be sure to check in tomorrow, you’ll get to see how exactly the office relates to the construction of the home, and a few more shots of the stunning waterfront view!

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