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Modern Chandeliers Bring New Life to Traditional Bathrooms

Comprehensive renovations in classic homes can often include major changes to light fixtures in common rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Some drab interiors within traditional homes can be revived with modern chandeliers, such as the Domino 5-Light Bar from Barn Light Electric.

A perfect example is found within the bathroom phase of a house-wide remodeling project. This Georgian Colonial style home happens to be nestled within the historic town of Hickory, North Carolina. It was featured on traditionalhome.com and has been remodeled with a mix of both turn of the century and modern lighting styles.

A straight-lined chandelier similar to the Domino 5-Light was installed over a marble framed bathtub in the master bathroom. With its polished chrome and black finish, the stem-mounted Domino 5-Light makes a perfect match to the black metal table at the edge of the tub and the black Garrison Base cabinet along the back wall. The Domino 5-Light starts at $365.00 and combines traditional and luxurious lighting styles with elements of modern, innovative designs from the mid 20th century.

With elegant upgrades such as the new chandelier and marble floors, the owners reached their goal of creating a “more grown-up, sophisticated house.” After living in a bungalow without a properly sized master bathroom, the owners decided to convert the master bedroom into a master bath!

“The result is a clean-lined closet and blissful bath that are equal parts practicality and luxury. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets with glass panels lined in shirred linen offer a plenitude of storage in the bath.” – Traditional Home Magazine

In addition to the modern chandeliers, Barn Light Electric also sells rustic chandeliers and vintage chandeliers. Regardless of which style choose, many of these popular ceiling lights can be fully customized to your liking! Here, your options are nearly endless!

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