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gooseneck barn lights

Barn Lights Bring Classic Style, Modern Options to New Construction

Our Instagram feed is chock full of building and remodeling projects, so if you need some serious inspiration, be sure to pop over and check it out!

One of our favorite builds to watch from foundation pouring to switching on the lights came from our friend Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy. Lindsey and her husband purchased 2.5 acres in San Luis Obispo, a small town on the central coast of California, where they designed and built their dream home.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm

“We have vineyards and farmland a couple of miles away in one direction, and downtown is just a couple of miles the other way,” Lindsey says. The ideal location prompted the couple to design a classic modern farmhouse with plenty of rustic charm accented by modern finishes.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm8

The home consists of three structures: the main house, the barn, and the garage/loft where Lindsey’s parents live part time. They opted for simple architecture with clean lines, a bright white palette contrasted with black accents, and warm details with stained wood.

When it came to choosing outdoor lighting, Lindsey relied on her decades-long experience of blogging.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm7

“I’ve known about Barn Light Electric for years so I knew that was a source to look into first,” she explains. “I looked on Instagram using the hashtag #barnlightelectric to find actual users of the products and asked them how their lights have held up. It’s a great way to get honest reviews!”

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm10

While many aspects of the home’s exterior lean more modern in style, Lindsey wanted classic barn-style lighting for both the barn and her new home.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm4

“Lights are like jewelry for the home, and I knew these lights would be here for years,” she notes. “I wanted something classic and very high quality that would last for generations. These lights are true barn style which blend nicely with the modern touches.”

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm2

Lindsey chose the All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light for her home. She customized these American-made wall lights with 15″ shades, a Black finish, and G16 straight gooseneck arms.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G16arm9

“I really like the contrast of the glossy black finish with the white siding of the house,” Lindsey says. “I chose the straight arm as there are a couple of spots that required a lower profile for the fixture and the straight arm fit better.”

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 975 Galvanized G31arm2

For the barn, Lindsey chose the same fixture but opted for a G31 gooseneck arm and a Galvanized finish to pop off the black façade.

“The Galvanized finish stands out from the black paint on the barn and this particular gooseneck arm felt more traditional,” she adds. “It mixes well with the modern black finish of the building.”

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 975 Galvaznied G31arm3

At the peak of the barn facing the courtyard, Lindsey needed a slightly larger fixture. She chose the Original™ LED Warehouse Gooseneck Light for its perfect combination of classic style and modern convenience. With the integrated LED module, this light will burn for 50,000 hours which saves Lindsey both time and money. This energy-saving gooseneck light sports a Galvanized finish, a G22 gooseneck arm, and a 3000 lumen LED with a 2700K color temperature.

All Weather Gooseneck 15in 975 Galvanized G31arm4

“Given how high it is, I chose a larger fixture to give that area better balance in proportions,” she notes. All of Lindsey’s fixtures were handspun from commercial-grade materials then finished and assembled per her specifications.

“There’s comfort in knowing the lights are well made and there’s a strong company that stands behind their work” Lindsey says, “but my day-to-day appreciation is for how great they look!”

Photos courtesy of The Pleated Poppy

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