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farmhouse mudroom

Mini Warehouse Ceiling Light for a Small Mudroom

farmhouse_mudroom.pngFor those living in rural areas, the majority of your time is spent outdoors. On occasion, that includes getting dirty, muddy, and sometimes just plain filthy. Rubber boots, like the pairs seen in the photo, are the shoe of choice and entryways become a catch all for the mud and the muck. It’s no longer uncommon to find a washer and dryer neatly hidden in foyers and mudrooms either.

Naturally, there is no reason to sacrifice style for functionality. A charming Dutch door allows for easy pass through of any item, maybe even a lunch on the go for the hard working husband. Rag rugs are easily washable, and bring in warmth to your cold, wet feet. For a typically industrious area, a factory ceiling light only seems appropriate!

H-15006-190x300.jpgAlong with thousands of other styles, the Mini Artesia Barn Light is part of our collection of Mini Barn Lights. As a scaled down version of the larger Artesia Warehouse Pendant, this mini barn light has a six inch shade diameter – the perfect size for small, compact spaces. Depending on your ceiling height, the Mini Artesia comes with about eight feet of cord, so it’s fully adjustable. If you choose a stem mount, do consider choosing the decorative stem mount canopy too. Your tiny warehouse light will attract plenty of attention, why not make it fancy?

If you’ve noticed that your entryways or staircases are lacking that extra something to dress it up, reconsider your current ceiling light. This little pendant (that was inspired by vintage RLM shades) could be end to any rustic lighting ideas you’ve been bouncing around. The Mini Artesia is also available as a gooseneck lamp, making it perfect for use as a vanity light in a half bath.

Top Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine

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