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Updating the Past | Modern RLM Lighting


Have you ever heard of RLM Lighting? Probably not, unless you’re a contractor, lighting history buff, or even a long time reader of our blog. For those of you out there that have never heard the term, here is a brief background…

These particular lights were found primarily in agricultural and industrial portions of the country. They utilized a warehouse shade and offered a large spread of light with the durability to last decades. These lights were popular throughout the 1930s and 40s when mass production was in full swing. They’ve recently made a big comeback and it’s likely you’ve noticed similar styles in homes and businesses today.

True to the industrial fashion is the Wire Cage Pendant, shown above on the left. Found in our Discount Warehouse Lighting section, this ceiling lamp is available in classic finishes such as satin nickel and rubbed bronze for a refined look on an otherwise rustic light. Wire cages like these were used on commercial RLM lights to help protect the interior light bulb from debris and getting broken.

Another popular discount barn light is the All Weather Deep Bowl Gooseneck Light, shown above in the center. This fixture is a modern day version of classic, older designs and is very popular in residential areas today. The deep bowl directs light downwards as opposed to a warehouse shade, however, it features a white interior for maximum reflection of light.

Last but not least is the notable Warehouse Pendant Light found on the right. As one of our smaller RLM lights, this ceiling lamp is one of our most customizable designs as it is available in over 40 finish options and can be cord or stem mounted for outdoor use. If you prefer a gooseneck arm for exterior use, check out the Artesia Gooseneck Barn Light.

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