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Industrial Framed Barn Sconces

Photo courtesy of Design Sponge

We love coming across creative uses for everyday, practical items. What was once an ordinary wall sconce, is now a creative, framed piece of modern art.

Set out to do a creative DIY project, the homeowner wanted a unique focal point above her couch. Instead of hanging traditional paintings or picture frames, she combined both lighting and design to make her own creative art pieces. By using a variety of textures and colors, she adds interest and conversation to what can sometimes be a bland lounge area. The caged globe traditionally found on farms combined with the lime green walls creates an overall overall modern, ‘rural meets city’ look.

When table lamps or ceiling lights aren’t enough, wall sconces can be installed where extra lighting is needed. Wall sconces similar to these and the Barn Light Electric Outdoor Barn Wall Lantern are traditionally used in more agricultural settings. Often times you will find these fixtures being used for outbuildings or stables to assist in checking on animals in the late evening or early morning hours. You will also find similar wall lanterns being used on patios, and over doorways or alleyways. Extra light is always a great idea for walkways, garages or other outdoor areas where security might be an issue. The wire cage serves two purposes – it protects the frosted glass from being damaged or broken, yet also serves as a decorative element.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, this low cost pair of sconces retails for $49.95 at Barn Light Electric and is available in your choice of a black or white finish. The Outdoor Barn Wall Lantern is weather resistant and comes with a standard one year warranty.

Barn Light Electric Outdoor Barn Wall Lantern
Barn Light Electric Outdoor Barn Wall Lanter

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  1. Margie Smetana

    I would like to order sveral pairs of these lights for our preschool restrooms.
    I need the white wall lamps.
    Please call: 978.434.1060
    Thank you!

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