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How To | Create Curb Appeal with Garage Lighting

Garage lighting plays an important role in the overall exterior lighting plan for any home. The garage not only serves as the access point for many homeowners but is often the first structure visitors see as they approach the home. Choosing stylish yet functional fixtures that offer plenty of illumination without harsh glare will add the curb appeal you desire!

gooseneck led barn lights

Thanks to Barn Light Electric’s array of customizing options, you can create the perfect fixtures for your garage no matter if you have one door, two, or more. This homeowner customized two Avalon LED Gooseneck Lights with 10″ shades, a Teal finish, and G11 gooseneck arms for her single-car garage. These RLM-style warehouse shades provide plenty of illumination and a pop of color on the dark façade.

gooseneck barn lights

This homeowner chose to install a Dino Gooseneck Light above the single garage door….

garage lighting

….while this homeowner added two Original™ Gooseneck Lights over the door for plenty of illumination!

nautical wall sconces

For two-car garages, multiple options exist for lighting including one large fixture over each door, one large fixture between two doors, or smaller fixtures flanking the doors.

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Depending upon your taste, the amount of light can be manipulated with the type and wattage of bulb. If you choose a guard-and-glass style like the Double Market Industrial Guard Sconces above, you can control the amount of light emitted by your choice of clear, ribbed, frosted, or colored glass.

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For larger garages with three or more doors, most customers opt for one light over each door. This spreads the light across the width of the building providing plenty of downlighting onto each entry.

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A variety of mounting options are available to suit different façades, roof overhangs, door styles, and personal tastes. The G26 arms on these Union Gooseneck Lights offer the perfect height and projection for these handspun shades.

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Many garages have side doors or “man doors” for easy access. To create a cohesive look to your garage lighting, consider using the same style of shade for the side door but in a smaller size. Thanks to Barn Light Electric’s array of customizing options, you can choose from an array of sizes, finish colors, and mounting options for all of our handcrafted, American-made lights.

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