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How to Add Barn Style Without Breaking the Budget

While homeowners face a multitude of decisions when designing their living spaces, business owners have an even longer checklist. Creating a retail space that is not only stylish but efficient, safe, inviting to a wide range of people, and able to withstand heavy traffic is a tall order.

On a recent trip to Key West, Florida, we spotted a surf shop that checks all the boxes.

gooseneck barn light

Quiet Storm, located on Duval Street in the southernmost city, draws tourists in with creamy, aqua blue walls and rustic displays crafted from barn wood and weathered metal. Plenty of natural light fills the space while handcrafted barn lights offer more focused lighting on the merchandise and aisles.

gooseneck barn light

These gooseneck barn lights are from our Discount Lighting collection, an excellent place for our commercial customers to find quality lighting at a great price.

gooseneck barn light

The All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light offers handcrafted quality and is made to order just like all of our RLM-style barn lights. Available in four shade sizes and five classic finish colors, these lights can be customized to suit most any commercial space.

gooseneck barn lights

These particular fixtures are customized with 13″ shades, a Galvanized finish, and G16 gooseneck arms.

Barn Light’s collection of discount lighting also includes surplus lighting from our Porcelain RLM collection. These fixtures are completely functional but may contain small imperfections such as nicks or bubbles that did not pass our stringent quality standards. Most imperfections are not noticeable and do not affect the light’s functionality or durability.

porcelain enamel lighting

Porcelain enamel lighting is well suited to commercial applications as the finish is easy to maintain and grabs attention with its high-gloss color. A variety of sizes, colors, and mounting options are available making it easy to complement most any business brand.

Our porcelain fixtures are handcrafted, start to finish, right here in Florida where we maintain control over the process and materials. American-made quality meant to last!

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