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Gooseneck Sign Lighting Highlights Utility Store Exterior


With gooseneck sign lighting, this houseware store in England draws attention to its company name and clever pointer logo. Three Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lights were just the right size to be installed over this street side display. The dark black finish on each emblem shade contrasts with the gray color scheme along the concrete walls as well.

Restaurants and retail stores utilize gooseneck lights like these to create attractive exterior settings which catch the attention of patrons on the sidewalk. In addition to the visual appeal offered by these gooseneck lights, they’re also durable enough to earn the “all weather light” classification. What does that mean?

Well, regardless of where your business is located geographically, these exterior sign lights will prove to be durable in all climates and live up to their “all weather” status. Whether you choose to install them indoors or out, with our Emblem Shades you will have the option to select an optional wire guard (like we show on the above right image).

Utility’s owner, Martha Tiffin, keeps our same goal in mind when it comes products sold: high quality and always reliable. According to a recent post featured on Remodelista, Tiffin specifically seeks out household goods that are simple, lifetime-lasting, and hard-wearing. As you can tell from her storefront window, she has incorporated a lot of vintage finds to display items like whisk brooms. Wooden crates and galvanized metal bins have lasted through years of wear and tear. In fact, because of its durability, we also offer galvanized metal as a finish choice for many of our products like angle shades or larger original warehouse shades.

To see another great example of a company utilizing gooseneck sign lights for their storefront lighting, look at the angle shades featured in: Warm Sign Lighting Highlights This Seabrook, Washington Market.

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