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Celebrate Earth Day with a Dark Sky Compliant Gooseneck Light

Every April 22, more than a billion people in 180 nations observe Earth Day – an annual international event that encourages Eco-friendly living.

At Barn Light Electric, we promote sustainable building techniques through the use of recycled materials. Such pieces are available on our website and include our exclusive line of vintage industrial furniture. These pieces have been hand made using locally reclaimed wood, salvaged from our own recent office renovation.


We also offer Dark Sky Compliant lights with glare-reducing RLM warehouse shades used as pendants and gooseneck lights. The way each shade has been designed, shields excess light from escaping upward into the night sky. The resulting effect helps the global effort to reduce light pollution – one of the most overlooked areas of pollution within the modern world.


You don’t have to sacrifice style to have an Eco-friendly light. The featured Dark Sky Compliant lights shown today, are also some of our most popular: our Goodrich® gooseneck lights. The Bomber, shown above in cobalt blue is one of the largest shades at 18 inches. This would be an ideal Dark Sky Compliant light for a residential garage or large business within the city. Shown below is the Goodrich® Dino which has a smaller porcelain shade, but still fully covers the light bulb within. Although small, it has the ability to project ample light for any area.

goodrich-dino-goosenck-light1.pngMost of the standard fixtures sold at Barn Light Electric meet Dark Sky Compliance standards set by the International Dark Sky Lighting Association. Should you have any questions prior to ordering, feel free to call our 800 number and we would be happy to assist in any questions you have.

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Fun Facts for Earth Day:

eddy-the-edison-bulb.png*Earth Day was started in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, who started the event as an environmental teach-in.
*Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch a TV for three hours – it’s equivalent to half a gallon of gasoline.
*The first wildlife refuge was formed in 1903 at Pelican Island, Florida. The refuge is located 45 minutes south of our office building and was a favorite retreat for President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

Top Photo Courtesy of Squidoo

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