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Porcelain Enamel Lighting Suits Arts & Crafts Wood Shop

Early last spring, we visited a beautiful arts-and-crafts style woodshop located in the mountains of western North Carolina. The exterior of the shop, home to ShopDog USA, features rugged industrial wall sconces that provide not only much needed light in the rural setting, but also bring an eye-catching, rustic touch to the façade.


Today, we take a peek inside the shop where the owner chose porcelain enamel lighting for the space. The 400-square-foot shop features windows on all four sides to provide loads of light and fresh air plus a wood stove in the corner to keep things toasty in the winter.


There are more than a dozen outlets to plug in the array of tools on hand and plenty of shelving to hold wood and treats for Rosie, aka the shop dog.


Six Original™ Warehouse Pendant Lights dot the ceiling bringing a punch of color to the space with their high-gloss Barn Red finish. These 16″ shades are hand spun from commercial grade steel then coated with three layers of porcelain enamel glass. The shades are fired in a 1,600-degree porcelain enamel oven which seals the glass to the shade for a tough-as-nails finish that will never fade and is easy to maintain.


These ceiling pendants are suspended from standard black cords, and a dimmer switch allows maximum light for work tasks but more subdued lighting for a quiet evening by the wood stove.


Although this space is most often used to create cutting boards, window seats, benches, picture frames, and desks, the teenagers in the family have been known to take over for a camp out now and then. The dimmer allows complete control over the amount light no matter what activity is underway.


Over the workbench on the back wall, an OriginalWarehouse Gooseneck Light throws light directly onto the bench for close work. This 12″ RLM-inspired warehouse shade has design roots in the vintage styles of the early 20th century. Hand crafted and easy to customize with plenty of finish options, this gooseneck light features a classic Vintage Green finish and a G26 gooseneck arm in Brushed Aluminum.


The vintage-inspired lighting complements the arts-and-crafts detailing of the shop and gives the space the kind of character that ordinary fluorescent shop lights could never offer. Just like this handcrafted, red oak bed frame created under Rosie’s watchful eye, these American-made porcelain enamel lights are crafted for years of use!

Photos courtesy of ShopDog USA

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