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gooseneck barn lights

Easy-to-Customize Barn Lights for Alabama Farmhouse & Barns

If you missed last Friday’s post on Carrie and Chad’s beautiful new farmhouse in Cullman, Alabama, pop over and check it out. The couple fulfilled their dream of creating an authentic farmhouse, poring over every detail from colors and finishes to handcrafted barn lighting, to complete the look they envisioned.

barn lighting

And if you think the home is cozy and charming, the barns are just as beautiful! Carrie and Chad built two main barns just across the yard from their home — one for the animals and one for the family.

gooseneck barn lighting

“For us, the design of the barns was just as important as the house since we spend the majority of our time outside on the farm,” Carrie says. “One is our livestock barn and the other is a hangout barn with a large living room and kitchen for entertaining as well as a bunk room with two sets of triple bunk beds for our boys and their friends.” A large firepit and chairs provide a place to relax and enjoy the stars.

flush mount barn light

One of the lights the couple used in both the house and the barns is the Wire Cage Flush Mount Light. They customized these three-bulb lights with a Satin Nickel finish.

flush mount barn light

“We used these everywhere — in each of the boys’ bedrooms, in our carport, and in the main living space of our hangout barn,” Carrie notes. “I love the flush mount and that it holds three bulbs which really light up the room. The Satin Nickel complements each area and bulbs can be replaced without removing the cage which is a win because no tools are needed and no screws get lost trying to change a bulb.”

barn pendant lighting

In the livestock barn, Carrie chose the Original™ Stem Mount Pendant for the barn stalls. She customized these handspun aluminum lights with 20″ shades, a Galvanized finish, and 6″ stems.

barn pendant lighting

“I really like being able to choose my stem length,” Carrie notes. “We used the 18″ stem on our porches, but, because of the horses, we needed more head space in the stalls so the 6″ option is ideal.”

barn lighting

The Galvanized finish can be seen on numerous lights on the home and barns. Carries notes that the finish contrasts beautifully with her blue front door and porch ceilings, but it also helps achieve the rustic look they wanted when paired with the rough-sawn wood and rusty ceilings in the livestock barn.

gooseneck barn lights

“I’m always amazed at how complete projects look once the lighting is installed,” Carrie says. The couple chose an assortment of gooseneck barn lights including the super-sized Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Light with a 24″ shade. They customized each with different gooseneck arms to give the appropriate projection from the wall.

gooseneck lighting

All Weather Gooseneck Lights, in both 16″ and 17″ sizes, were used above door, windows, and stall doors adding illumination exactly where needed.

string lights

“We love all of our Barn Light Electric lights, but the String Lights might be my favorite,” Carrie admits. “They add so much to our livestock barn. The entrance to the barn is open, and I love seeing the lights draped through the barn as I pull in at night. Even with the individual stall lights turned off, the barn is illuminated.”

american made lighting

With the countless hours of research and hard work behind them, the family has settled in and is enjoying all of their new spaces.

“The interior and exterior lighting options we selected provide each space with the extra design elements we needed to achieve our goal of building a timeless farmhouse,” Carrie says. “We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.” To see more of this beautiful farm, check out Carrie’s instagram feed @Our Feathered Farmhouse.

Photos courtesy of Our Feathered Farmhouse and Christy Stalnaker Photography

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