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Discarded Warehouse Shade Used In Australian Beach Home


Photo Courtesy of Design Sponge

A 1950’s beach cottage in Australia received a nice treat when a vintage warehouse shade was installed in the front entryway. The bold green pendant was recovered from a roadside trash pile and donated to the cottage’s owner – Deborah Bibby, editor of Real Living magazine.

The vintage warehouse shade matches the worn and rustic approach to decorating the beachside cottage – nicknamed “Fish Shack.” The cottage is located on the northern shores of Sydney in a town known as Clareville Beach. Bibby’s cottage was featured on Design Sponge, where she describes her home as one with a holiday house feel, “surrounded by eucalyptus and banana trees; the smell of citronella lanterns burning; and the sounds of the tide coming in…” – ‘holiday’ meaning ‘vacation’ for those in America. Barn_Light_Electric_Porcelain_Enamel_Sky_Chief.png

Several similar warehouse shades are sold by Barn Light Electric, include the Ivanhoe® Sky Chief Warehouse Porcelain Pendant. The Sky Chief is available in a 16″ shade size and comes complete with everything you need for immediate installation. It’s available not only in green, but a variety of other finishes to match you beach cottage, industrial farmhouse, or modern office setting. Prices for this barn light starts at $169.


Other smaller warehouse pendants similar to the one pictured above, include the 12″ Ivanhoe® Dino Porcelain Cotton Twist Cord Pendant. The Ivanhoe® Dino is based on the original porcelain barn light designs that were commonly found in gas stations, warehouses and machine shops in the the early 1900’s. Today, it’s a popular choice with homeowners in search of lighting fixtures to place above tables, bars, kitchen, and garage workspaces. Each starts at $129. This vintage inspired cloth cord pendant starts at $129 each and are available in numerous finishes to compliment both modern and eclectic tastes.

For more information on these barn light fixtures and other similar warehouse shades, visit our store on


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