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gooseneck barn lights

Classic Gooseneck Lights Add Farmhouse Style to New Maine Home

The southern Maine coast attracts tourists and locals alike during the busy summer and fall seasons thanks to beautiful beaches and stunning displays of autumnal color. For retired teachers Sandy and Ed, there’s no better place to call home.

“My husband and I are both Maine natives,” Sandy says. “It’s an absolutely perfect place to live!” When the couple retired, they decided to build their forever home in Kennebunk. The home is perched on three acres of former farmland just two miles from the beach. 

Nad Send residential exterior patio deck lighting bomber gooseneck 17in 150 black G22arm 975 galvanized decorative backing plate

“Our goal was to replicate a small farmhouse that would have been common in the area many years ago,” Sandy explains. “We tried hard to remain true to the farmhouse style with white siding, a barn door focal point, and welcoming side and front porches. Inside we have wide hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, family heirloom furnishings, and vintage light fixtures.”

When considering outdoor lighting, the couple’s son recommended Barn Light Electric. Mark loves the Barn Light fixtures he purchased more than 10 years ago, so his parents started searching the website.

image 67156225 residential exterior patio deck lighting bomber gooseneck 17in 150 black G22arm 975 galvanized decorative backing plate

“Purchasing American-made lights was important to us,” she notes, “as well as having color and size selections that would match our farmhouse style and dimensions.” Following their son’s lead, Sandy and Ed selected the Bomber Gooseneck Light for their garage and deck.

IMG 0459 residential exterior patio deck lighting bomber gooseneck 17in 150 black G22arm 975 galvanized decorative backing plate 1

“The Bomber Gooseneck design is classically farmhouse,” Sandy says. “We wanted the lighting to be aesthetic focal points in addition to having our forever home be well lit.” The garage lights sport 17″ shades, a porcelain enamel Black finish, and G22 gooseneck arms. Sandy selected a contrasting Galvanized finish for the gooseneck arms plus the decorative backing plate option.

image 16864513 residential exterior patio deck lighting bomber gooseneck 13in 150 black G15arm 975 galvanized decorative backing plate

For the deck, the couple chose a smaller 13″ shade for their Bomber Goosenecks and the G15 gooseneck arm style. These fixtures also sport the porcelain enamel Black finish and decorative backing plates.

“The deck lights needed to be large enough to light the entire deck, but the arms needed to be small enough to be out of our line of vision when looking outside,” Sandy explains. “We did not want to obstruct the view into the backyard where woodland critters are welcome visitors. The Black porcelain finish provides a visual draw to the cozy deck when outside.”

IMG 0446 residential exterior lighting deck patio Ammidships Bulkhead large 100 Black

Additional lighting for the deck is provided by two Amidships Bulkhead Lights. Sandy chose the Large size and Black finish for these wall lights.

“We chose the bulkhead lights as the style celebrates our proximity to the ocean,” she notes. “They also provide a soft accent throughout the evening and pair beautifully with the gooseneck lights on the deck.”

Carrying the barn theme into the garage itself, Sandy chose The Original™ Flush Mount Light. She customized these pendant lights with 16″ shades, a Galvanized finish, and wire cages.

IMG 0439 residential interior garage lighting Original Flush Mount Pendant 16in 975 Galvanized wire cage

“The 16” shade allows for multiple lights with more focus on specific areas of interest,” she explains. “The Galvanized finish is more subtle than black, and the wire cage not only adds a safety element, but is true to the barn design.” As two retired teachers, the couple carefully managed their budget and took advantage of a Barn Light sale. Sandy notes that their lights were a major expense but worth every penny. 

“Our lights accent our precious little farmhouse like jewelry accents your favorite party dress. We love the authentic styles and the amazing workmanship,” she says. “Nothing says farmhouse like Barn Light Electric lights! We are in love!”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner

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