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Barn Pendants Add Touch of Modern Flair to Rustic Maine Home

What many people love about the industrial farmhouse trend is that it creates such a comfortable, lived-in look. Mismatched vintage chairs around a table of reclaimed wood, exposed beams, and recycled flooring all contribute to this feel. But if you also happen to love some of today’s more modern looks, you don’t have to give up one for the other. You can mix and match these styles blending sleeker, contemporary fixtures with rustic touches to create a seamless, eclectic style all your own.

Take this home in Falmouth, Maine, for example, that was designed to create the feel of an old board-and-batten barn. Yet, the owners wanted modern touches too such as lots of glass, updated amenities, and a layer of contemporary architecture. The result is a happy marriage of vintage and modern!

We love the look of this dining room table crafted from old wood accented by the vintage chairs and bench. Yet next to the island, some industrial style stools look right at home in this space as well. The lighting too is a great example of barn style pendants punched up with modern finishes. The lighting over the dining room table is similar to our Warrior Pendant, a fixture with rustic overtones yet when paired with an aluminum finish, takes on a whole new personality. Browse our more than 50 finish colors for this light to choose just the right look for your space! You can also pick from six different glass choices and for a vintage touch, add a drop wire guard to your light.

The kitchen island lighting represents a more traditional style barn pendant and looks much like our Bermuda Pendant. Featuring decorative arms that connect the upper shade and neck, the Bermuda has an elegant look that can be dressed up with a premium finish like satin steel or given a more industrial look with a galvanized finish.

Top photo courtesy Kaplan Thompson Architects

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