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Vintage Sconce and Retro Table Lamp Balance Bright Bedroom

Thursday we presented you with a simple bedside vignette; it had stark white walls that made a big impact using three accent colors. Today we feature another bedroom photo from Apartment Therapy, but this one is definitely not lacking in wall color. Normally design experts will tell you to avoid sticking to one color in a room, but we couldn’t resist this suite, bathed in all sorts of green shades. There is nothing better than a tastefully decorated bedroom that showcases different design styles, right?

As always, balancing vibrant colors with a little white keeps the room light and easy on the eyes – take note of the primarily white quilt and the crisp white trim around the window. Over sized polished nickel side tables are elegant and refined against the deeper shades of green and the traditional dresser in the corner. Mismatched table lamps on the dresser and bedside tables work together seamlessly – only then is the bedroom lighting brought to another level by the vintage wall sconce found on the left.

The retro black lamp next to the bed is similar to the Disco Table Lamp. Utilizing spandex as the lampshade, it has a bit more edge than your typical linen shade. Also available in various colors, the Disco Table Lamp can be used in those white rooms that need a little extra oomph.

Now, check out that small wall sconce – almost identical to the Newnan Bath Light, it balances out the rustic linens and refined furniture. Don’t let the name deter you; the Newnan can be used in any room throughout your home that needs a distinguished wall lamp – not just a bathroom. The satin nickel finish along with the creamy white shade won’t clash with any existing décor you already have, so it makes the perfect light to incorporate as an afterthought.

Top Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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