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Bathroom Lighting: Finding A Retro Yet Modern Barn Light

What you consider to be industrial farmhouse style, may be something entirely different to someone across the globe. This bathroom comes from an article in Elle Décor Spanish, featuring the home of a prominent French designer; it isn’t too masculine, nor is it entirely feminine. On another note, the country elements are definitely obvious, but you can also easily notice the simple factory-inspired details too.

Relaxing in this huge tub would be a treat for anyone – a child or grown adult. Have  you ever imagined your bathtub as a focal point in your bathroom? Unless you chose something just as fabulous and whimsical, chances are you wouldn’t do this on purpose. The bathtub is outright the most rustic piece in the room and remains reminiscent of old, oak wine barrels stored away in the vineyard. A unique wainscoting on the walls resembles corrugated metal, both a chic yet industrial look. The old flooring tiles are distinctive as well, and will be easy to mop up if the tub overflows!

Naturally, any old light fixture wouldn’t do this space justice. A warehouse pendant would work, but the Collingsworth Pendant is just as unique as the room itself. The long narrow neck angles into a flared shallow dome below. Both retro yet modern at the same time, the Collingsworth is a remarkable lamp for any room in the home. You can even make this barn pendant 100% yours, considering all of the options for customization. For a look like the bathroom pendant light featured today, we recommend pairing our clear glass piece with a polished aluminum finish. If you prefer a softer, more flattering glow while you relax, a frosted glass choice will be your best option.

If you’ve ordered any of our distinct barn pendants before, send us a photo of your project! We would love to share your photos with others looking for a little lighting and design inspiration.

Top Photo Courtesy of Elle Décor Spanish


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