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Commercial Lighting Crafted with Style, Personality

Handcrafted Barn Light Electric lights are coveted by homeowners from Maine to Malibu, but did you know that professionals also love high-quality, easy-to-customize barn lights?

Barn Light offers a Commercial Division with a network of sales representatives available throughout the U.S. and Canada to help specifiers, architects, designers, and other professionals discover the perfect lighting for the spaces they create.

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Celebrate Cut-Your-Energy-Costs-Day with LED Lighting

No matter what part of the country you live in, you’ve likely witnessed Mother Nature flexing her winter muscles this year producing record snowfalls and blowing arctic air from one coast to the other. The demand for heating has set records in some areas, and the need for lighting during the shorter days of winter will no doubt lead to higher energy bills next month.

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Featured Customer | Barn Lights Honor History of Legendary Horse Farm

The rich history of Kennesaw Farms in Gallatin, Tennessee, dates back to the mid-1800s when, according to legend, A.C. Franklin won the farm on a Mississippi River gambling boat. Throughout the years, the site stood witness to the Civil War, changes in owners, and thrived as a prestigious thoroughbred horse farm.

rustic industrial lighting

Professional's Corner | Rustic Industrial Lighting for Central American Beach Resort

The words “rustic industrial” can be scary to some customers. They imagine big, bulky, factory lights that seem out of place in a home or retail setting. We’re here to show you that rustic industrial lighting can be absolutely gorgeous! Look no further than Rancho Santana, a five-star resort located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Rancho Santana recently added a surf shop to their 2,700-acre community which includes American-made lighting from Barn Light Electric.