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industrial pendant lighting

Industrial Barn Lights Satisfy Both Form and Function in Garage Studio

Have you ever discovered an Instagram feed where every single photo makes you swoon? If not, pop right on over to Tone on Tone, curated by Loi Thai, an interior decorator and garden designer. From stunning floral displays both inside and out to soothing spaces he creates for clients around the country, Loi’s eye for design and perfect touch with color is worth a follow.

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copper gooseneck barn lights american made 1024x768

Copper Lighting Brings Elegant Touch to Colorado Ranch Home

What do firefighters do in their spare time? If you’re Scott Kier, you build custom homes. Scott is currently putting the finishing touches on his own custom home which offers expansive views, gorgeous barn lighting, and 12 acres to ride dirt bikes with his sons. It has taken more than two years, but Scott, and his wife Sabina, are finally settling into their new home in Sedalia, Colorado, just south of Denver.

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brahma rlm warehouse shade gooseneck barn lighting

RLM Warehouse Shades for Barn-Style Storage Building

Everyone has storage issues. Whether you live alone with a collection of furniture that will one day make you the star of “Antiques Roadshow” or you have five kids and need some place to park all the bikes, storage can be critical. This beautiful building, crafted by our friends at Morton Buildings, features plenty of storage space and all the quaint detailing of larger barns including the cupola on top and the RLM-inspired warehouse shades below.

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