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industrial bathroom sconce

Surfs Up For This Modern Bathroom!


When Los Angeles–based architect Barbara Bestor designed a modern surf shack for avid surfer and creative director, Eric Grunbaum, the designer known for her modern style created a home that blended “traditional sensibility with a contemporary heart.”

In the home’s master bathroom, a rustic wall sconce resembling the Barn Light Industrial Bullet Wall Light was mounted just above head level within in the bathtub area. Notable features include the Atomic era cast guard and bullet shape extending from the wall. The vintage look of the wall sconce complements the postmodern camouflage pattern used as a partial privacy screen onto the neighboring patio.

industrial-bullet-wall-sconce.pngA finish resembling galvanized metal was chosen for this piece. Galvanized metal is a popular choice in today’s design world as it bears an industrial feel that is both contemporary and trendy. It is one that wears well over time and ties itself into nearly any design scheme.

The bathroom theme was designed by graphic designer Chris Loomis, who wanted the theme to be consistent with the surrounding trees outdoors. Rather than run the walls to the ceiling, the designer chose glass panels allowing maximum natural light to shine through.

Located in Venice Beach, the a 2,000 square-foot, three bedroom, three bathroom home was built to be comfortable enough for a family but casual enough to a host a group of friends with artistic backgrounds, including musicians, writers and designers. Japanese architecture was a major source of inspiration for the overall layout.

Generally speaking, the Japanese work within tighter constraints and smaller footprints. And yet they still manage to create beautiful spaces that are simultaneously bold and progressive, smart and restrained. That became a central motif for us since we didn’t have a lot of space to work with.

To see more lights like the Industrial Bullet Wall Sconce, visit the rustic wall sconce section of Barn Light Electric. Additional vintage industrial lighting resembling these designs can be mounted to the ceiling over sink or vanity areas.

Photo courtesy of Dwell

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