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Salvage Vintage Gooseneck Lighting for Cottage Style


As a kid, how many times would you be in and out of the house, carelessly leaving doors open? I can’t tell you how many times I heard my parents telling me, to no avail, “Close the door! Do you live in a barn?” Lately, this may not be applicable to some families, as many are renovating old barns into beautiful farmhouses. Even if you don’t live in a restored barn, you can still bring that look into your home without problem.

Coastal Living featured an article on how to bring cottage style into your home. Coincidentally, cottage décor and farmhouse styling happen to be pretty close in concept. They suggested bringing outdoor materials inside, such as shaker siding and reclaimed wood for walls. One of our favorites was to salvage vintage outdoor lights into industrial kitchen lighting. You may think that finding these old barn lamps could be difficult but our very own has a huge selection of gooseneck barn lamps, that come ready to be installed.

Follow suit with this Coastal Living photo and utilize barn lamps to highlight key areas in your kitchen. A shallow bowl gooseneck light is mounted over the sink prep area, flooding light over the surrounding countertops. Then, a vintage sign light spotlights the glass panel cabinetry, another common feature in farmhouses. For similar vintage industrial light fixtures, check out the Gooseneck Lighting section online. Incorporating a piece of American history into your home has never been so easy, stylish or eco-friendly! By choosing vintage barn lights for your home, they are being saved from wasting away. If you can’t find a barn lamp to fit your style, but love the idea of vintage lighting, we also have new Modern Enamel Gooseneck Lighting – built with the same durable quality of the barn lamps of the past.

Top Left Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living

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