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Rustic Industrial Wall Sconces Complement Arts & Crafts Design

The arts and crafts look is a time-honored design filled with warm woods and rich earth tones. In the mountains of western North Carolina, the arts and crafts style has found a home nestled in an area rich in ecological diversity and a passion for superior craftsmanship.

Driving through the Asheville area, you’re likely to spot whole neighborhoods of arts-and-crafts style homes. Some feature 4,000-square-foot luxury models while others offer more modest homes. Though smaller, these structures still have all of the highlights of the craftsman style with plenty of artistic flair thrown in for good measure.


In one neighborhood, we found not only a delightful sampling of arts-and-crafts style homes, but an outbuilding crafted to match the main home. This 400-square-foot building is a workshop for the homeowner’s woodworking business. For outdoor lighting, Tim chose some rustic industrial lighting to add not only plenty of light to the space but to lend some visual interest to the front and side doorways.


The front doors swing outward, thus saving valuable interior space for the work at hand, so a ceiling pendant would not work in this space. And with the sloping porch roof above, a gooseneck light didn’t quite fit either.


The Atomic Topless Double Industrial Guard Sconce, however, fit the space perfectly with its twin jelly jar and guard fixtures. This rustic wall sconce is customized with a Galvanized finish, heavy duty cast guard, and ribbed glass. The glass diffuses the light just a bit but still provides plenty of illumination on the front porch at night. You can read more about glass choices in this blog post from last week.


By the side door, also under a protective porch, Tim picked out the Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce also in a Galvanized finish. The heavy duty cast guard protects the ribbed glass from stray softballs that get batted about in good weather.


These industrial wall lights are American made from the finest quality materials and are handcrafted in the spirit of the arts and crafts style. Be sure to check out the entire collection of Wall Sconces which are also available in energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED!

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