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Rustic Barn Lighting for Minimalist Designs

Lighting resembling our Farm & Barn All Weather Warehouse Light hangs in the entryway of a renovated barn. Found in our Discount Barn Light section, the All Weather Warehouse Glass Light starts at $19.95 each and features the same bullet shape and Atomic features as its counterpart, the Farm & Barn All Weather Warehouse Glass & Guard Wall Light. Corrosion resistant metal found around the socket protects the fixture whether you choose to use the light indoors or out. It is an ideal fixture for use in commercial areas, workshops, sheds, garages and so much more!

When the owner of an old barn sought to convert the interior into a fully functioning living space, they counted on Shed Architecture of Seattle to design and complete the project with an industrial farmhouse theme. Shed Architecture’s design team used an eco-friendly approach to the overall design. The interior takes a calming, minimal design approach which is found throughout the entire layout.

“Each space was developed around a minimal palette of materials and color, with extensive re-use of existing barn materials. Emphasis was placed on durability and directness of design solutions with the aim of creating practical and unique results. Re-use of salvaged cedar siding for interior wall surfaces, salvaged wood beams milled for counter tops/benches and salvaged plumbing fixtures re-used are just a few of the recycling solutions found.”- Home Decor News

The rustic barn lights are a natural match when paired with the bay windows and skylight. Lighting like the All Weather Warehouse Glass Light gave the design team the ability to maximize the lighting within the interior and to tap into the full potential of the barn’s original features. Re-purposed materials included the original barn siding for interior paneling and salvaged floor joists for stair material, trim and counter tops.

To see more lights for industrial farmhouses and homes with rustic themes, visit our collection of rustic pendants and rustic wall sconces at barnlightelectric.com.

Photo Courtesy of Shed Architecture

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