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Red Gooseneck Barn Lighting to Cheer Up Your Entryway

after-front-door-1109-de.jpgWhen it comes to building or remodeling a home, the front door area is oftentimes an afterthought. More than likely you’re in a rush to finally move in or have life return back to normal from all the construction.

While the interior remains top priority, don’t forget about little details on your front facade. A classic example of this remains our past Country Living feature. An oldie but a goodie, this 2009 holiday feature of ours can be applied year round. Featured in an article with tips on improving the entryway of your home, Country Living showed just how easy it is to spruce things up – including the addition of gooseneck barn lights!

One quick and easy fix to beautifying your front door is to paint it an eye-catching color. It is rumored in some cultures that red front doors are meant to ward off evil spirits and other negative energies, only bringing positivity and happiness into the home. Not to overwhelm you with too much of a solid color, the door’s center has a frosted glass panel with the house number etched in. This is definitely a creative take on prominently displaying your residence for visitors.

product_detailed_image_29779_8212803355664c505ece0e778-300x265.jpgCoordinating with the red of the front door are two planters, a Burberry style welcome mat for texture, and two stylish patio lights. That’s right, those little red beauties are our very own Artesia Warehouse Shades! If you’re uncertain (or unable) to paint your front door, a great way to bring additional color and attention to the area is by selecting a colored accent light. Feel free to coordinate the same style of gooseneck lighting with your garage too; The Original Warehouse Shade has the same design as the Artesia but comes in a larger form. The Artesia’s compact size makes it great for small areas, while The Original’s bigger shade will help cover large garage doors and walkways.

Top Right Photo Courtesy of Country Living

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