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porcelain enamel barn lights

Barn Lights Accentuate Modern Farmhouse Vibe to New Build

Jeremiah and Laura faced countless questions during the build of their modern farmhouse four years ago in central Indiana. But there was no question, in their minds, when it came to lighting. “We wanted barn lights that would not only look good but would be high quality and last for a very long time,” Jeremiah […]

LED chain hung pendants

Colorful LED Lighting Creates Farm Vibe for Ice Cream Parlor

When Brandon and Kelli traveled to Italy four years ago, they were enamored with the delicious Italian meals they ate featuring locally sourced ingredients. Back home in Dallas, the couple realized they could turn their love of ice cream into a similar business model by making classic ice cream flavors with fresh milk and eggs […]

schoolhouse lighting

Vintage-Inspired Lighting Completes Retro Look of New Diner

Stepping into Livingston’s Soda Fountain & Grill in Brownsville, Tennessee, is like walking through a portal that zips you back to the 1930s. The era when the local drug store was the heart of the town. And where locals sit on stools at the soda fountain to connect, eat homestyle cooking, and drink frothy milkshakes. […]

gooseneck barn light

Gooseneck Barn Light Lends Industrial Vibe to New Shed

When Judd decided he needed a new shed on his property in Salem, Michigan, he started from scratch. Seriously from scratch. “I started the process by cutting down trees,” Judd says. “All the timbers and lumber for the project came from poplar trees that I cut from my friend’s family farm in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.” The […]

ceiling pendant lighting

Dutch Doors Put the Fun in Functional Entryways

We’re all about watching the latest design trends here at Barn Light Electric and one of our favorites has been the re-emergence of Dutch doors. We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos which show not only a variety of beautiful and colorful Dutch doors but also some pretty inspirational lighting too! Read More »