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outdoor lighting

Vintage Charm: Classic Barn Lights Enhance Home’s New Addition

Holly’s colonial-style home in Narberth, Pennsylvania, was built in 1895. When she decided to do a bit of remodeling which included a two-story addition, she searched for outdoor lighting that would complement the historic feel of the home. Read More »

industrial pendant lighting

Transformed: Outdoor Haven Radiates with Industrial Lighting

Don’t look now but Labor Day is right around the corner! Kids are dragging their heels back to school and homeowners are tackling the last items on their summer to-do list. For Richard, in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, his summer renovations were highlighted by the addition of an outdoor kitchen to his home. Read More »

dominion gooseneck lighting

Handcrafted Brilliance | The Dominion Collection

There’s a lot to love about a classic RLM warehouse shade with its simple metal construction designed to cast light downward. First introduced in the early 1900s, these shades replaced bare-bulb pendants often found in factories and warehouses. By adding a shade with a white interior over the bulb, the result was a more efficient fixture […]