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frugal-farmhouse-logo-e1286826097378.jpgFrugal Farmhouse was founded by Lori G, a “young 40 something year old, wife, and mother of three.” Lori owns a small shop on Eastern Long Island’s North Fork called The White Flower Farmhouse.

Lori works at home, where she refurbishes time-worn furniture into unique and functional pieces for her shop. On Frugal Farmhouse Design, Lori offers simple and affordable ideas to improve or transform the look of your home with unique ideas and low budget additions.

For instance, during a recent redesign of her friend’s kitchen, Lori started the project with new, low cost flooring and fresh paint on the island. Completing the kitchen makeover was the installation of several barn style pendants and porcelain enamel shades from Barn Light Electric Company


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    Barn Light Radial Wave Sconce Completes Canadian Cottage | Barn Light Electric Blog

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    jaime leonhart

    Can you please tell me where you got the bar stool featured in one of your pictures? Love it!

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