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Outdoor Patio Lighting That Complements Year Round Decor

Is your home’s exterior the pride and joy of your home? Do you spend weekends gardening, trimming shrubs, and fertilizing your lush green landscaping? If you agreed to any of the above, chances are that your home itself is also well cared for. If it could use a little pick-me-up, that’s not a problem either – in fact, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll let Better Homes and Gardens give us the perfect example today. Simple yet still very elegant and traditional, the assortment of flowers in the oversized urns set the stage for visitors. Judging by the use of fresh pinks and reds, this home was most likely set up for the spring or summer months. Another seemingly perfect element about this entryway is the asymmetry. Visually, the two urns bring your eye to the doorway, while smaller accents that match the door make it appear larger than it really is. Topping off both of these pieces are the outdoor wall lights that mirror the window pane accessories.

The same Arts and Crafts styling is present within the craftsmanship of our Abington Barn Lantern. The simple design won’t distract from other elements on your porch, but will only add to the year round decor that you choose to use.

The Abington Barn Lantern has a traditional design and is truly perfect for outdoor patio lighting. It also happens to be reminiscent of vintage cabin lights and kerosene lanterns which only add to its multitude of uses. If you’ve been on the lookout for a period style light fixture, the Abington may be be the answer to your prayers. For a complete, all around look on your patio, porch or walkway, consider the Dover Exterior Pendant, one of our outdoor pendant lights with similar features to the Abington Barn Lantern.

Top Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens


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  1. Diana Sweeting

    do you still carry this product?

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