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Galvanized RLM Pendant Laundry Lighting

Laundry Room Pendant Lighting With A Nautical Twist

Ever since the incorporation of the washing machine into the home, the rooms that store these 20th century wonders have become, without a doubt, the most neglected area of any home. This room is usually closed off due to the unsightly combination of dirty clothes, cleaning products, and aged decor that dates back to the original construction of the home. A drab patchwork of bisque and off white gloss paints often line the walls of older laundry rooms, giving a dated appearance without the use of a warm pallet of colors or modern convenience. This becomes more noticeable through the use of inadequate flush mount or pendant lighting, which can often lead to a dimly lit room full of dark spots and gaps in light coverage.


With this type of thought waning, many homebuilders and remodelers are adopting a new attitude towards laundry rooms. This small space is devoid of many furnishings, making it ideal to create a uniquely decorated space from blank walls and mundane settings. One element that has led to this change in thought is the creation of aesthetically appealing washer and dryer appliances, these streamlined machines offer some inspiration in the revamping of many laundry rooms through their sleek lines and colorful finish options.

Inspired by this new line of thinking, this latest blog post from The Polished Pebble captures the steps needed to create a modern nautical themed laundry room with added style. Based around a vintage sailors uniform, this interesting laundry room displays added charm through the use of warm, naturally colored baskets that find themselves suspended from the wall by their handles. This added touch of detail ends up tying in with the birch wood sink stand, allowing for a rich and vibrant appearance to work its way from ceiling to floor.

The cohesive elements of this room carry over into lighting; to further accentuate this laundry room the use of a galvanized Outback Pendant provides ample light, while allowing the mix of grays to work together with the stainless appliances and chrome faucet. This not only provides a matching finish, but it creates a cohesive decor, tying in a nautical theme through the use of a cast guard and glass. This stylish characteristic not only provides a unique variation to the traditional RLM, but it also allows the Outback Pendant to issue a wide dispersion of atmospheric lighting throughout the room. This perfect blend of function and form not only sets this room apart from other laundry rooms, but it also assures that you will definitely leave a lasting impression on anyone viewing your home.



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