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Discount Barn Warehouse Lighting

Introducing A New Line Of Discounted Warehouse Lighting


With spring steadily approaching, its time to start gearing up for warmer weather and the promise a whole new list of projects that await you. Since spring is the season of renewal and revitalization, our latest line of Discounted Warehouse Lighting reflects a refreshed appearance with a vintage feel and an enticing price tag! Without giving up style or quality, this new series combines functional usage with a few additional options for size, finish, and mounting. These powerful performance driven lights are offered as stem mounted pendants and wall mounted lights, providing an optimal spread of light in numerous settings. The stem mounted pendants come in two popular style variations, a newly styled Warehouse Shade and Deep Bowl Shade, with two additional sizes for each and your choice of 3 stem lengths joined by a hang straight canopy. If a more focused directional beam of light is needed to display a sign or work of art, our new line of Angle Shades and Emblem Shades prove to be the ideal fit for these situations. Complete with a wall-mounted gooseneck, these sign lights provide a wide spread focused light over awnings and down the sides of buildings creating additional architectural lighting. Rated for high wattages these lights are perfectly suited for your specific lighting demands, making them the ideal fit for your latest spring projects.

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