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Industrial Foyer or Entryway Lighting

marianna_after2.jpgDo you have a small corner in your foyer or entryway that you’re having a hard time finishing up? Whether it’s due to limited wall or floor space, we definitely understand your frustrations. Did you know that this little vignette can end up being one of the most functional spaces in your home? Yep! While we’ve came across quite a few entryways that we loved, we’re willing to argue that this is one of our favorites. It could be the rustic lighting, the creative wall art or even those gorgeous wooden beams on the ceiling

Let’s start off with the unexpected seating. Featured on Design Sponge, you know it must have multiple dedicated functions. Not only do the benches (built from wooden pallets) work as an area to put on shoes or set down groceries, but you can open the top and use them as storage. Easily accessible with the flip of a lid, use the benches to store unsightly items that you may need at the drop of a dime – like umbrellas or rain boots. The mirror above will allow you to take one last peek at yourself before stepping out, while also making the already airy room, feel larger.

ChestnutPendant_thumb_350-300x233.jpgWhile we do love the bench storage and decor, the rustic lighting naturally caught our eye. The design of this pendant is a bit more farm-style, but the finish choice gives it the industrialized look. If you’ve been hunting for this desired look, check out the Barn Light Chestnut Pendant in a Polished Aluminum finish. Just as the description says, “Depending on your choice of finish, this ceiling light can instantly become modern or rustic.” Noticing the chain that this pendant is mounted on? It’s not a common option that we offer, but it can always be special ordered so you can get this exact look!

Top Photo Courtesy of Design Sponge


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