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porcelain enamel american made light

How to Get the Look Without Breaking the Bank

After days of searching, you finally found the perfect gooseneck barn light  for your garage. Most likely, your next question is… when does this baby go on sale?!

We often have customers ask when our sales occur, but you don’t have to wait for a sale to save on our handcrafted, American-made barn lighting. You can often find what you want already discounted in our Discount Lighting Collection. Let’s take a look at three of the groups within this collection.

discount barn lighting

First up is Markdowns — the fixtures in this collection are all brand new but discounted for a limited time. For example, this 14″ Ashland Gooseneck Light is currently available at 25% off the regular price. You can still customize this classic light with eight different options including 20 finish colors. Modeled after RLM-style vintage farm lights, the Ashland is suitable for home styles from traditional to trendy and is rugged enough for commercial applications.

discount barn lights

The professionals at Maison Blue Design Group used the Ashland in a remodel of a California office space to give the kitchen a fun, playful feel. You can read more about the project here.

discount barn lights

The second collection to check out is our Discount Barn Lighting which offers two of our most popular shade styles in six different mountings. The fixtures in this collection are made more affordable as we reduce the number of options and features available. These barn lights are still manufactured in the United States by our own artisans and feature the same high quality as all of our lighting.

discount barn lights

And if you’ve fallen in love with the unique look of our Porcelain Enamel Lighting , don’t miss out on our Porcelain Seconds group. Because of the hands-on nature of crafting our porcelain enamel lighting, mistakes can happen. Sometimes a small bubble appears during the firing process or a small scratch keeps a shade from being labeled first quality.

discount barn lights

Our porcelain seconds may have slight blemishes but they are fully functional and deeply discounted. For example, this 10″ Porcelain Jadite Sinclair Shade is offered for $131 and you choose the cord and socket finish. Multiple fixtures are sometimes offered so they’re perfect if you need more than one for a home or office. The offerings in this collection change quite often so check back to see if your favorite fixture can be had for a steal!



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