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How To | Amp Up Your Curb Appeal in Time for Holiday Entertaining

Don’t look now but the holiday entertaining season is just around the corner. Oh sure, we get to enjoy fall colors and pumpkins on the porch for a few more weeks, but it won’t be long before people are ringing your bell to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and festive gatherings around the kitchen island.

So take a break from browsing Pinterest for the latest mulled cider recipe and consider sprucing up your home’s exterior for the coming season. Today we offer some inspiration for amping up the curb appeal of your home just in time for the holidays.

porcelain enamel wall sconces

In a recent post, our guest blogger Melissa Andersen suggested painting the front door a bold or contrasting color then soften the look with potted plants of various sizes and textures. Two Union Wall Sconces flanking this beautiful entry make sure visitors see the house numbers easily and traverse safely to the door.


Ashley spent hours landscaping the grounds of her beautiful Orlando home only to watch voracious deer eat her flowers and carefully chosen plantings. She finally outwitted the critters by hanging flower boxes just out of reach. These beautiful boxes are loaded with color and add southern charm to her porch. Ashley also chose the updated styling of the Union Wall Sconce to highlight her front door.

gooseneck barn lights

Our Instagram feed is chock full of curb appeal inspiration too. One of our latest finds was from Nicole @_grits who added these hefty containers to her porch to hold seasonal flowers and other greenery. Two galvanized Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Lights add rustic farm flavor to the scene.

gooseneck barn lights

You may remember this photo from when we featured Liz Marie’s inviting porch. Her arrangement of colorful mums and pumpkins got the attention of the editors at Better Homes & Gardens who did a photo shoot of her lovely home.

gooseneck barn lights

And now, this month’s issue of Country Home features Liz Marie’s home on the cover! We’re pretty excited that our Wilcox Vented Gooseneck Lights are part of the enduring appeal of her home!


Don’t forget the driveway and parking areas when sprucing up your exterior spaces. Post mount lights with an RLM-inspired shade, such as this Union Industrial Guard Post Mount Light, offer illumination without glare. Our collection of American-made outdoor lighting offers a variety of styles and customizing options so you can create stylish fixtures that will last.

vintage industrial gooseneck light

And if you’re the type who forgets to turn on the outdoor lights, especially as night falls earlier each evening, just add a Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell to your fixture. This handy option turns the light on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn so you and your guests will never have to fumble your way to the door again!

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