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Hanging Rustic Elegance

Finally, the look of a classic barn lantern is available for pendant mounting. The Barn Light Stetson Pendant displays a rustic style that was prominent throughout the early 1900’s, and is based upon actual barn lanterns from that period. Using a modified cast guard design the Stetson Pendant is paired with an upper and lower shade allowing the middle of this shade to illuminate the room, and the lower shade projects light through an open bottom shade. The upper portion of the light is defined with a handle decorating the top of this light, adding to the charm and authenticity of the Stetson Pendant. With various options pertaining to size, finish, and glass choice any look can be achieved. The mounting options are just as versatile, this pendant is available in various mounting choices that range from black or white cord hung and stem mounting for a more rugged appearance. Any barn or room would benefit from the unique, American made craftsmanship that the Stetson consist of, making this light a true classic. Regardless of the setup, the Stetson Pendant exemplifies a period when durable, rustic lighting was a piece of functional art. This is available as a wall mount, call for details.


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