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Gooseneck Lights at Mimi’s Cafe Entrance


Outdoor lighting, like the featured gooseneck lights today, give Mimi’s Cafe a remarkably unique design that stands out among the rest of the national chain restaurants.

Much like ourselves, Mimi’s service and specialties are based around the early to mid 1900’s. According to Mimi’s website, each of the cafes (currently found in 24 different states), was built with rustic décor and a colorful exterior inspired from a World War 2 era French Country Cottage. In several locations along the exterior walls, gooseneck lights resembling the The Original Barn Light and the Rodeo Warehouse Shade are strategically placed to shine above on the banister and the company’s logo. The charming look of the lights at the front entrance add to the character and ambiance at the cafe known for its detailed decor and old fashioned cooking.

Based on the first American made RLM Warehouse Shades, The Original Barn Light is one of the most popular fixtures from Barn Light Electric today. This classic style warehouse shade is available in sizes ranging from 12″ to 16″ – an ideal size for storefront lighting. Other gooseneck barn lights on Mimi’s exterior walls resemble The Rodeo Warehouse Shade. In the photo above, you’ll see a barn lamp that looks identical to The Rodeo, hanging just above eye level to showcase the company logo. Thanks to the overall design, glare is eliminated and the logo is clearly visible to anyone driving by.

With a 20″ shade, The Rodeo is one of many larger style gooseneck lights available from us. It borrows the traditional design from The Original and is an ideal fixture to place over a heavily trafficked outdoor area. The Rodeo makes a great accent to any garage entry, machine shed, driveway, restaurant or loading dock. Both of the featured RLM warehouse shades today also meet the standards for Dark Sky Compliant Lighting. To see even more styles of barn lights, visit


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