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warehouse pendant lighting

Featured Customer | Wendy from Scituate, MA

warehouse_pendant_lighting.pngWhile we can get ideas from all the decor magazines and design TV shows we want, it’s still nice to see how everyday people makes changes to their homes too. After all, not all of us live in a Southern Living Idea House, right? Today’s featured customer, Wendy from Scituate, Massachusetts, made a few simple changes to her kitchen and dining room to up the ante in her home.

Living on the New England coastline, Wendy’s home has that traditional, all-American look. While the home gives off a classic vibe, we did notice a few farmhouse elements too. In her kitchen, the upper white cabinets aren’t completely open, but have a paneled glass front to display simple dishes and kitchenware. Adjacent to the charming cabinet area are a few shelves with a built-in wine rack on the bottom. Wendy uses the shelves to house her cookbooks, but you could also use them to display vacation mementos and family photos.

industrial_warehouse_ceiling_lighting.pngA top rustic element is the farmhouse table in the dining room. With vintage metal chairs on one side and a bench on the other, this is the perfect place for serving meals and gathering with family. Over the expansive table are two warehouse pendants with our noticeable cast guard and glass options. Classic, American lights like our featured pendant lamps, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They’re such a refreshing take on ordinary store-bought lighting, aren’t they?

A smaller style of factory lighting can be found over the kitchen bar area. A place where lighting is crucial, Wendy chose our Barn Light Fargo Pendant in a coordinating galvanized finish on the shade and cup. A new addition to our family of Barn Pendants, the Fargo is likely to become an American classic, following the same path as Wendy’s warehouse pendants.

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