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Warehouse Lighting Lends Industrial Look

One of the more enjoyable aspects about being a blogger for Barn Light Electric is that I get to chat with a lot of customers and hear about their projects. I learn something new just about every day.

When I crossed paths with Leslie Young who owns Circle of Hands in Sebastopol, California, I discovered a delightful shop that showcases a variety of vendors making creative children’s toys, herbal soaps, beeswax candles, and silks for imaginative play.


Most of the tenants in this former apple cannery have a manufacturing component, and since we have a soft spot for American-made products, we are honored that Leslie chose our handcrafted barn lighting for her new space.


“This was a brand new, empty shell space,” Leslie explains. “We had to install all heating, lighting, interior walls, floor finish, and front display window.”


Leslie chose two different barn pendants to accent her new space. Fifteen of our oversized 20″ Original™ Warehouse Pendant Lights throw a generous span of light directly onto the manufacturing space.

“We had to ask for longer cords for attaching the pendants to the ceiling, but the sales staff was very helpful in doing this for us,” Leslie says.


The smaller, more compact Dino Pendant Light with a 10″ shade was chosen for the retail space. Leslie chose a Galvanized finish for both the Original™ and the Artesia since it complements the industrial look and gray ceiling.


The original cannery was built with concrete walls which helps keep the space naturally cool without air conditioning. But Leslie noticed that the heat would rise during the colder months so she installed four 56″ Black Commercial Grade Ceiling Fans to stir the air.


“We have a high warehouse ceiling and all the heat just rises up until the fans push it down, and the space warms up right away,” she says. The result is a stable temperature with a style that is consistent with the RLM-inspired warehouse lighting.

“The lights look great and are compatible with the flavor of this space,” Leslie says, “and the fans work like champs to bring the heat down!”

Photos courtesy of Circle of Hands

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