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Sign Lights, Warehouse Shades Create Classic Vibe

Businesses often pass from one hand to another. A father retires and a son or daughter takes over. A doctor brings a young practitioner into the business then passes the practice on to the new guy when it’s time to play golf full time.

Such was the case for Dr. Matt DeLeva, a chiropractor in Los Angeles, California, who recently took over a practice that was started back in the 1980s. Matt was thrilled to step into the established practice but wanted to put his stamp on the physical aspects of the space.


“The office was dark with green paint, a black awning, and a big green bush in the front. People passed by every day and didn’t notice it,” Matt says. “My first step of the entire project was painting the building white so it could be seen.” And although Matt had a partial vision of what he wanted the building to look like, he knew he needed help to make it a reality so he called on designer Rosa Beltran for help.


“I wanted the building to reflect my personal style and to feel clean and modern,” Matt notes. Rosa and Matt decided on a palette of white, navy, and brass to achieve the look Matt envisioned. Rosa turned to Pinterest for inspiration and showed Matt photos of barn lighting and RLM warehouse shades.


“Once Rosa showed barn lights to me on Pinterest, I knew I wanted them,” he says. “I searched all of the sites and thought Barn Light Electric had the best selection.” Matt chose the classic Bomber Gooseneck Light to highlight the exterior of his newly painted building. These American made lights were customized with 15″ shades, a Navy powder coat finish, and G15 gooseneck arms.


“I wanted to create a fun, classic vibe on the face of a very plain building,” Matt explains. “I saw the barn lights over the door and windows as an opportunity to add some style to the building. I love the contrast of the Navy with the white walls. The Navy makes them more of a statement piece.”


To bring much-needed attention to the signage, Matt chose angle shade sign lights also in a Navy finish. The Emblem Sign Lights are American made and feature 10″ shades and G22 gooseneck arms. These classic, vintage style sign lights add even more character to the simple box building. With exterior renovations complete, Matt notes that the lights are his favorite part of the remodel.


“I love driving down Hyperion at night, turning the corner, and seeing my building lit up,” he says. “The way the Bomber lights come out from the wall to illuminate the sidewalk below; it makes the area feel part of the building and me feel a part of this community. I’m very proud of it.”

Photos courtesy of Dr. Matt DeLeva


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    The building looks great now! With the bushes gone and the big sign with the lights, I’m sure it gets noticed now. Well done!

  2. 8565155288266f8b1c948ca1892cdb4f?s=60&d=blank&r=g

    You’re absolutely right Paige! Removing the bushes and having the new signage highlighted by the Angle Shade Lights made a huge difference! Matt did a great job!

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