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Featured Customer | Jeff from Norfolk, NE

From classic country kitchen to the ultimate masculine man cave, today’s featured customer from Norfolk, Nebraska, built the perfect hunter’s haven. If you’re not familiar with a Morton Building, think of a large, industrial sized machine shop. Now take another look at this room – looks like it’s part of a warm rustic cabin, right? Nope, it’s found within an outbuilding on his Midwestern piece of property. Jeff is an avid hunter, and wanted to create a space that reflected one of his favorite pastimes. Judging by the turkey in the kitchen, and the deer and elk mounts within the living area, he knows what he’s doing (both in hunting and design)!

Creating the right cabin-like atmosphere can sometimes be easily overdone, but this featured customer created an ideal environment that even a lady might enjoy.

You may find it a coincidence that Jeff chose our camouflage lights for his hunter’s escape, but we’ll just call it pure style. Not only are these warehouse shades known for their rugged design, they are also wrapped in a camo pattern! Trust us, just because the Goodrich® Whitetail Camouflage Gooseneck Barn Light is wrapped in a woodland pattern, it definitely doesn’t blend into its surroundings if you’re wanting to get your guest’s attention. Jeff chose to custom mount the two coordinating camo lights onto a plank of barn wood that matches his cabinetry and trim; the look of two gooseneck barn lights paired together is streamlined and a bit contemporary too.

Even if you’re not a trophy hunter like Jeff, our selection of camouflage gooseneck barn lights will set the scene in any rustic room. Maybe you know somebody with a growing son who loves anything and everything outdoors? The Benjamin® Scout makes a perfect desk light, and a welcome birthday or Christmas gift none of his friends will have!

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