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american made barn light

Gooseneck Lights Blend Farmhouse, Craftsman Styles

When Morgan and her husband started planning for their new home in Oklahoma City, they wanted to stay true to the traditional style of the area.

“Homes here are known for their brick-and-stone exteriors with lush, green lawns,” she says. “We wanted to stay true to the traditional and craftsman styles of the neighborhoods we grew up in. But we also wanted to incorporate farmhouse elements that remind us of our grandparents’ farms which bring back very fond memories for us too.”

exterior barn lighting

The couple chose a traditional style exterior for their new home but played up the farmhouse style on the inside.

“Ultimately, we wanted to honor and fit with our neighborhood while also adding those farm design elements that we were nostalgic for,” she adds.

exterior barn lighting

To bridge the gap between the interior and exterior, Morgan chose barn lighting to lend farmhouse style to the outside. She chose three Avalon Gooseneck Lights and customized them with 16″ shades, a Black powder coat finish, and G15 gooseneck arms.

exterior barn lighting

“We wanted something clean, simple, and classic,” Morgan notes. “We love that the lights are stamped with Made in the USA. We enjoy supporting our country’s economy and our lights showcase our patriotism every day.”

The Avalon Gooseneck Light is a mid-sized fixture with an RLM-inspired shade. Handspun from commercial-grade aluminum and hand finished with durable powder coat, this gooseneck light comes in five sizes and more than 30 finish colors.

exterior barn lighting

“Our home is fairly long and we knew the lights needed to ‘hold their own’ while still fitting in,” Morgan explains. “The 16″ shade was the perfect size as we didn’t want the lights to overpower the space, but we didn’t want something dinky either.”

exterior barn lighting

Morgan enjoys dressing up her lights with wreaths for the 4th of July, Easter, fall and Christmas. But she notes that even when they’re “naked” they pop off the brick beautifully.

exterior barn lighting

“They are so elegant yet don’t look like they’re trying,” she says. “Out of all the features of our home, they are still one of the first things to be noticed and complimented even by family and friends who have visited multiple times. They are understated, but stunning, and definitely draw you in.”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner

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