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Featured Customer | Concord Green Healthy Home

You’ve heard of the big “Go Green” movement, right? Maybe you’ve even acted on it – switching from standard incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents, installed a ceiling fan or two to lower electrical costs, or even started growing your own vegetable garden. No matter what you choose to do, every little bit does count. These are all fairly small things, but would you ever consider starting from scratch and building a “healthy home?” That’s what today’s featured customer chose to do – Lisa from Concord, Massachusetts designed, built, and now lives in her Concord Green Healthy Home. Lisa happens to be an interior designer with a passion for living healthy, not only for people but also for the planet, her main reason for building the Healthy Home.

Featured on Houzz.com, as well as a plethora of other design sites, this home was built with the following in mind: to build a home that is mindful of its traditional Colonial surroundings with the modern advancements to promote maximum energy efficiency. Ceiling fans throughout the home combine with extra insulation to keep the home warm/cool when it’s needed it the most, and the windows and skylights allow for the maximum amount of natural light to come in – all helping to cut energy costs.

There are still times though that after the sun sets, artificial lighting is needed. Within the bathrooms of the Concord Green Healthy Home are our very own American made lights. Placed in the first bathroom (shown above) is the Barn Light Montana Sconce. The pair of galvanized wall lights are mounted on opposite sides of the mirror and dual sinks. The Montana Sconce was a superb choice for the rustic bathroom, which repurposed an old dresser as a vanity.

Another bathroom in the home brings out the Cape Cod influences with its coastal vibe (seen on the left). A marble counter top matches the driftwood style paneling and suspended from the ceiling is a pair of Wire Guard Industrial Pendants, also in galvanized. Similar light fixtures are always spotted in nautical environments like dock lighting and oceanfront piers.

Photos Courtesy of Concord Green Healthy Home and Eric Roth


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    love how FRESH this bathroom looks!!

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