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Farmhouse Design Breaks Pendant Lighting Mold

Along with the areas they’re placed in, creativity in lighting as reached its peak. Once you think you’ve seen everything, something new comes out of left field, and presents you with a new concept on industrial farmhouse design. There are a lot of the same ideas apparent in each area – off white cabinetry, board and batten walls, and the always popular galvanized warehouse shade as lighting. Well, this photo threw us for a loop, and a good one at that!

If you look closely, the window isn’t directly overlooking a flourishing green garden, it appears to open up into a sunroom. Areas like these are perfect to install pass through windows, eliminating back and forth trips from the kitchen and dining area. Another refreshing feature is the small pendant light above the farmhouse sink. The hanging light installed in the middle, breaks the mold of the usual warehouse pendant used in many other industrial farmhouses.

You’ll notice how the light escapes from the sides of the shade, creating a delicate pattern on the white walls and ceilings. Pendants like this can be difficult to find, however Barn Light Electric carries a style that might be right up your alley. Discover the Barn Light Drover Pendant. Typically considered to have an Arts and Crafts feel, when chosen in a lighter finish, it becomes the perfect choice for mounting over a kitchen sink. Also, the various choices for the glass inserts allow for customization in regards to the light emitted from the top. Choose honey glass for a warm glow, or opal or cloud for a muted feel.

For the same fresh look outdoors, choose our stem mount option. If you’re not crazy about the industrialized look of our stem mount canopies, you can also locate Decorative Canopy Covers in our Lighting Hardware section.

Photo Courtesy of Cote de Texas

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