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barn light all weather gooseneck farm light wall mount

Discount All Weather Lights & Warehouse Shades


When record-setting blizzards and winter storms arrive, reliable exterior lighting like All Weather Lights from Barn Light Electric Co.®, are a must. They prove their value with the safety and security they can add to your home!

Some of our most popular all weather fixtures include the Americ All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount, which is made with a 15 inch warehouse shade and your choice of four colors options: Black, White, Dark Green and a Galvanized metal finish. The straight gooseneck arm is the perfect length to extend the shade away from the wall. Whether used indoors or out, this discount barn light offers top notch lighting and at an affordable price. Like all of our vintage inspired gooseneck barn lights, the All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light provides modern functionality while capturing the classic American look used on many of our RLM warehouse shades. You can find this fixture in our Discount Barn Lighting section online.

The Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount is commonly used in garages, commercial areas or workshops, as well as interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms. Recently, one of our customers sent in a photo of a newly installed barn light above their 1940’s era single car garage in Arlington, Virginia. They chose the black finish to match their black panel garage door surrounded by original red brick.

“I just installed the black Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount on my 1940’s era single-car garage and it looks fantastic! The size, look and quality of the light was exactly what I was looking for.” – Review posted by T Lee from Arlington, Virginia.

For shoppers on a budget, Barn Light Electric Co.® also sells a variety of imported Discount All Weather Lights, ranging from prices as low as $18.99 for the Farm & Barn All Weather Warehouse Glass & Guard Ceiling or Wall Light. This style of all weather lighting can be viewed indoors within this Frugal Farmhouse Kitchen.

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