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kitchen pendant lighting

How To: Use Color Effectively to Brighten Your Home

Color is powerful. It affects our mood, attracts attention, stimulates our mind, and enlivens our spaces. In the home, some use color on every surface while others take a more subtle approach using color as an accent. No matter which camp you fall into, using color in the home is fun and uplifting! Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite colorful spaces as inspiration for your next project.

cafe string lights outdoor lighting

Style Me Sunday: Classy Outdoor Party Ideas

Light up your summer nights with a festive evening affair. There’s little that beats an evening surrounded by friends and glimmering twinkle lights–unless that night falls on the Sunday before Labor Day and you have the next day to sleep in! This Style Me Sunday we’re helping you with a little refined lawn party inspiration that will have you in party planning mode in no time!

factory overhead industrial chandelier commercial

Featured Customer | Vintage Industrial Fixtures Lend Noir Era Look to Business

For a business that serves military enthusiasts, vintage lighting brings the perfect touch of history and style to a space. Brady Miller, owner of Monkey Depot in Mesa, Arizona, searched high and low for vintage lighting for his brick-and-mortar showroom but quickly became frustrated.

gooseneck emblem shades commercial

Classic Gooseneck Shades Light Up New Business

You drive by the empty lot without even noticing it, then all of a sudden earth moving equipment roars in and the ground is leveled. The excitement builds week after week as you wonder what the new business will be! Bricks are laid, awnings are hung, and even gooseneck barn lights find a place on the new facade. Finally, the sign goes up…another new tire store. Well, we might not get so excited about tires, but the gooseneck lighting on the exterior of the business is definitely worth a second look.