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commercial pendant lighting

Colorful Industrial Lighting Brings Contemporary Touch to New Office

When the owners of a solar energy company in New Jersey sought to transform a former gym into a contemporary workspace, they turned to the talented hands of Karly Fajardo, design consultant and principal of Block LII Design. Saving only the bathrooms and a large mezzanine platform, Karly transformed the space blending sleek, industrial materials with a colorful palette to create an inviting headquarters for Vision Solar.

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gooseneck barn lights

Family of Handcrafted Lights Boost Farmhouse Feel for New Home

Shopping online can be a bit intimidating when it comes to spending hard-earned dollars on products you can’t hold in your hands before purchase. Here at Barn Light Electric, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. We provide a wealth of information in easy-to-navigate menus which includes photos, product descriptions, dimensions, and maintenance information.

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copper pendant lighting

Easy-to-Customize Industrial Lighting on Tap at New Brewery

When the owners of a new brewery in North Charleston, South Carolina, started developing the concept for their business, they turned the clock back 300 years for inspiration. Working with The Middleton Group, a local architecture studio, the design for the new building was created from the concept of the common house.

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gooseneck lighting american made

Colorful Gooseneck Lights Add Playful Touch to New Sunroom

An avid gardener, Debbi enjoys growing and cultivating a wide variety of plants at her home near Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. But cold winters meant that her patio plants, citrus trees, and orchids had to winter over inside the house. As her collection grew, Debbi needed more space.

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kitchen pendant lighting

How To: Use Color Effectively to Brighten Your Home

Color is powerful. It affects our mood, attracts attention, stimulates our mind, and enlivens our spaces. In the home, some use color on every surface while others take a more subtle approach using color as an accent. No matter which camp you fall into, using color in the home is fun and uplifting! Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite colorful spaces as inspiration for your next project.

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